About Us

Sweat & Tee by RC is a small company that has existed since June 2020 and is run by Resi Claessens.

It is a company that prints a unique design on a T-shirt / Sweater.

The unique design depicts a sport consisting of straight lines. It therefore has a subtle appearance. On a T-shirt / Sweater there will be a design on the front and a design on the back, which will be connected by a line. If requested, a design on the front and back can also be provided, but without a connecting line. Or a design on only the front or back of the textile.

Sweat & Tee by RC distinguishes itself from others by:
- the unique style
- a design on the front and a design on the back
- a line connecting the design at the front with the design at the back
- a design adapted to the size of the textile

The idea behind Sweat & Tee by RC

A few years ago Resi made a unique design of a hang gliding image on a T-shirt. This design consisted of straight lines. It had a design on the front and a design on the back that was connected by a line.

A few years later Resi made the same type of design of a cross-country ski image on a T-shirt and Sweater. This gave rise to the idea of ​​making these designs accessible to others. Based on that idea, screen printing was chosen and later transfer printing.

Designs from other sports are expected to follow.