Add your own image

Your own personalized image next to a By-RC design

In addition to a unique By-RC design, it is possible to get your own personalized image. This can be a text or word, but also an object.

Here is an example of a dog printed with a (Nordic) Walking By-RC design:

The technique used for this is the transfer printing method. With this method a one-time print can be realized. The imprint can therefore also be unique in nature.

If your own personalized image is desired, the following must be taken into account:

- The image consists of a word, text or object

- The image is max 25 x 25 cm in size

- An image consisting of an object is converted to a silhouette by Sweat & Tee by RC as shown in the example above

- Details smaller than 2 mm are not included in the imprint

- The image is printed in 1 color. You can choose from a large number of colors

- The image must be of sufficient quality

- The image must be emailed as a PNG file to

- The cost of your own image is € 5.00


If you place an order for a By-RC design, you can check the option 'Add your own image?' if you wish.

You send the image by mail as a PNG file in an attachment to

In the e-mail you describe as clearly as possible what your wish is.

Sweat & Tee by RC assesses whether the supplied image can be printed and will contact you to discuss the (im)possibilities

If an agreement is reached, you transfer € 5.00 to NL86 ABNA 0881483311 in the name of Sweat Tee By RC.

Sweat & Tee by RC then proceeds to the printing.